Weekend Theme

Its Friday, time for the Weekend Theme.

As usual the tiny mind has been racing away over it while I rose, showered, made breakfast, ironed clothes, booted my laptop. A very busy rather blank little mind.

One word kept coming up, in different ways. So I guess that it’s begging to be the theme.

This weekend the theme is


If you are new to the weekend theme and would like to join in it’s pretty simple.

If you’d just like to read all the contributions to see how different people tackle the same theme, come here and here and follow the links people post as comments when they have completed their contributions.

If you’d like to join in with a contribution of your own, create the blog post and publish it. Then come back to this post and leave a comment to tell the world that you have done so. Be sure to leave a link we can follow to the post to read it.

There is only 1 rule, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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