Pinky’s weekly quiz

My friend Pinky poses a weekly food related quiz. Poor Pinky has to put up with my answers. One day I’ll google everything and give her a huge fright. Meanwhile…………………

1 What is schmaltz? It’s usually over-sentimental stuff like music and pictures, so in terms of food, I imagine something similar. Overblown cupcakes maybe?

 2. What is the difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk? They are both made from milk. Both have a lot of the water removed. I guess the process to do so is different. And for sure condensed milk also has huge amounts of sugar added.

 3. What is heliculture? This is where you plant little heli-seeds in the hope of getting a crop of helicopters

 4. What does the term “papillote” refer to? A Papillion is a butterfly, so maybe this is caterpillars? Dried like Mopani worms maybe?

 5. What is the difference between ham and gammon? A ham is a bad actor, a gammon is the lady married to grandpa

 6. What is a “foodie”? Someone who pretends to know more about food than I do.

 7. What is a liaison in culinary terms? Meeting for a meal with someone you shouldn’t be meeting,

 8. What is the most common way to drink Japanese rice wine, sake? Through the mouth. All attempts to absorb it through the skin have failed dismally.

9. Is there a difference between schnitzel and scallopine? I’m sure there must be.

 10. Is curry a dish or a spice? It’s a plant, called the curry bush 😉


10 thoughts on “Pinky’s weekly quiz

  1. Oh, you stole that last answer from Tandy’s Curry Bush…But, you could have said both, as it seems most any “Indian” dish begins with Curry. That was a joke…a bad one no doubt. Well, I’m taking my papillote at a snails pace, and get the heliculture out of here..
    Bless You

  2. #8 In the old days, I took a bath in wine many a time. In a manner of speaking.
    #9 The difference between the Scallopinnes and the Schnitzels is that the former were smart and surrendered in 1943 while the latter kept it going for 2 more years.

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