Learner Drivers

Driving to my customer today I followed a car with signs on the back “Caution Learner Driver”. So I didn’t scare them by zooming past, even though they were trickling along at about 18 KPH.

When I turned off and carried on my merry way at 50KPH (I do the back roads) I was thinking about people who learn to drive in a car like that.

Once they get their licenses, do they almost have a nervous breakdown in normal traffic?

Most of my learning was done in the afternoons. My mother would fetch me from the station in Pretoria and I would drive home, through the civil serpent (as I called the civil servant rush hour). They varied from the dozy lane-wanderers to the over-macho bakkie-with-bull-bar types who would try to scare you off the road and out of their way. Not too much scared me when driving after that!

How do people move from the ‘baby steps’ while learning, to the full hurly-burly of traffic these days?

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