Story 2 – part 9

A few days later after leaving more messages on the dating site against women’s profiles he thought he’d like, came a different response. Different because it was a response, and very different from his expectation.

“Are you interested in SEX?” was the response.

“Well of course” was his reply. Dennis worried a little as he hadn’t had sex for quite a while. For years his wife had not been interested, and always found a reason to put him off. But then it’s like riding a bicycle, you don’t forget, he comforted himself. He still felt vigorous and he knew his bits all still functioned, even if it wasn’t quite the experience of his youth.

So he and Denise made a date for that Friday night. He didn’t know the club, and was quite surprised to discover it was in a private house. He paid the rather stiff entrance fee, and was only allowed in after he confirmed he was to meet Denise here. She was already in a sort of public lounge, sitting with a drink, and two other people. She introduced them as Tom and Mary. From the conversation Dennis realised they were all quite high-powered business people.

The conversation moved around quite a few topics. Several times he realised he had no idea what they were talking about. It mostly seemed to be some sort of code. Then it seemed they were going elsewhere in the club. As they left the room, Tom touched his arm and said “Nice to see you older guys are still into it. I’d hate to think all this will disappear for me some day.”

11 thoughts on “Story 2 – part 9

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