Holiday ramblings

Ah the laziness of holi-days.

I had planned to do at least one post each day I am on holiday. I’d do some brain ransacking, fish up some nuggets of some interest to the unwary from the recesses of my mind and memory.

 Alas, the best intentioned plans of women are foiled by the inherent laziness of the intender.

I have spent lots of time with family, and will spend time with one (and maybe another) friend today.  I suppose that’s what the best times are about, good company, sharing and happiness.

It’s a little overcast today. So at least I shouldn’t get too burnt outdoors. That’s the problem with being one of these pale people.  How I envy those blondes with the olivey skin that just goes brown. But then I guess they spend a lot more time and money keeping the blonde bits blonde.

At least now when I sat down to do a little bit of work this morning, I could actually focus for a while, and that also happened a few days ago. So maybe the break and letting my mind just go fallow has been exactly what was needed.

Watching those in the family who are still working through this time, I feel pretty sorry for them, keeping to the routine of hours and places must be harder this week, but as we have a few in the food business, well those can’t just opt out for the whole season, or the rest of us would have to do all out own cooking.

One of the delights of being on holiday is time to try new places and new food.   So shortly I’m off, to go visiting. I may spare a thought for those who are working, but it probably won’t be a long thought.

There is one though who needs all the comforting thoughts. Lyndatjie had a dreadful decision to make to save a beloved cat from suffering and from confinement for the rest of his life. Hugs my friend, he does understand that your heart is broken but that you did it for his sake.

8 thoughts on “Holiday ramblings

  1. It is lovely to wind down, isn’t it…hope the day was good, I’m late visiting today. Poor Lyndatjie, I had to do that with a beloved cat, I have never forgotten and he is as dear to me today as he ever was.

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