Weekend theme – 31 Dec 2010

It’s the last Friday of the year; it’s the last day of the year. So obviously the weekend theme should have nothing to do with any of that.

Yesterday, I was out for lunch with a friend in Seapoint and she was notified of a huge fire on Signal Hill.  When we left the shopping centre I was rather worried to see the streets all murky from the smoke, and when we got ourselves a view of the fire, I was really shocked by it.  Those huge billows of white smoke hiding all of that big landscape.  Somehow the fact that the smoke is white makes it seem almost innocent, yet the lurking red flashes tell of how dangerous it is.

The CapeTownians seem to take these huge fires in their stride. Off go the helicopters, down comes the water, off go the ground crews and it’s dealt with. My heart just stood still. Friends who are away have a home where the wild mountain is on the other side of the road. Should I drive past?  NONONO. I do not have any knowledge of what to do, and the authorities do not need another demented old bird in a borrowed bakkie where they may need to be working. So I toddled off back home to the family. Far enough out of town that the skies were clear and sunny with nary a smidgeon of smoke to scare us.

So this weekend the theme is

Being where I shouldn’t be.

6 thoughts on “Weekend theme – 31 Dec 2010

  1. Oh no, sorry to hear of the Signal Hill fire, especially since that’s where Dave proposed to me 🙂 I remember a big one on Devil’s Peak years ago, when I was living in a flat close by. It took forever to get rid of all the black dust. Hope the locals, and little creatures, are okay.

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