A story – part 97

As we drove out of the family entrance to the palace, the cars were stopped by a crowd. Waving banners, carrying flowers, smiling and waving. The crowd was largely made up of women, only about 40% were male. The banners had messages such as “Congratulations”, “We have a new queen who is one of us”, “Happy day” etc.
My father started to laugh. He said “They never forgot that Gerard’s wife was born and raised in Italy, even though her family were locals”.
The crowd started to hold on to each others hands. The driver looked at me and said “What do you want, I can push through them?”
I smiled and rolled down the window. Then they started to sing. The national anthem. The driver just stopped the car. I got out and stood with them all while they sang. Then I held up my hand and shouted, “Thank you all!” and I waved all round. Then I called, “Now please can I get along, my poor fiancée is waiting and he hates me to be late”.
I waved again, and got back into the car. The crowd surged up around the car, and I realised they were tying bunches of flowers and ribbons to the car, any way they could. I asked the driver to wait while they finished. Then the crowd eventually parted, and we started to move on again. We caught up with the other car. My mum and Donna waved to us smiling.
My dad looked at his watch. “We’re late” he said. The driver turned and smiled. He said “I reported the hold up, they know we are ate and that you are ok.”
“Just who are you?” I asked him. “Dean Matter, Special services, maam” he replied. “We fought for this detail, driving you today is a real privilege. I won, purely on years of service. Now you are to be queen, we have doubled the number of personal guards, and I am one of them. Proud to serve you.”
“Thank you Mr Matter” I said, “Now please can you drive as fast as you can, Leo is waiting for me”. Getting used to security, protocols and the like was going to be interesting.
We moved through the city quite quickly, people waving and smiling. The car was hard to miss with all the flowers and ribbons.
When we arrived outside the cathedral, there were more people lining the way into the cathedral. Lots of photographers. They were all being kept back by a line of police, men and women.
We climbed out of the cars quite quickly. I saw one man with a hand held device talking on it. My mother and Donna came and checked that my dress and veil looked ok. Then with my mother on one side, and my father on the other, Donna walking behind, we went up the stairs and into the cathedral.
I looked down the aisle, it seemed a thousand miles long, but at the end, there was Leo, smiling and waiting for me. Suddenly I just wanted to run and fling myself into his arms. I smiled back, and the organ music swelled, the choir broke into song.
All was right with the world, my love and I were about to marry.

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