A story – part 90

Leo thanked the security man, who was relieved to be going about his business.  In parting he wished us well on our wedding day and said we were not to worry about Philip’s attempts to spoil it for us. “That’s being taken care of” he said with no explanation.

Leo made a few phone calls and within half an hour there were 4 more people in his office, looking at the pictures and the evidence of how they had been created. Within half an hour he had the editor of the Sun back on the phone and then sent him the story they had put together. Very dramatic, about how there are people out there who will do anything to cause trouble for others. The original photos of me, quite innocuous pictures from walks in the country, one over a dinner, and another from the music club, and the originals of the nasty photos were there. The stages in the editing, the failed pictures where the alignment and shadows were not quite right, all pointing out how to fake something really nasty.

The editor gladly agreed to run it, saying there was a rumour that another tabloid had a copy of the pictures and the story he had been given and was running it as the truth and as an ‘exclusive’.  This story of the forgery would let him win over his rival paper.

Leo suggested I move all my personal stuff back to the palace, clear out the apartment and stay at the palace again. This seemed the most sensible under the conditions. With less than a week to our wedding, it seemed safer to be where security could keep an eye on me and my things. So I packed my personal belongings and moved back in. I organised a remover and storage for my furniture and terminated the lease a month early, handing back the keys the next day to the owner.

That day Leo and his father invited Philip’s ambassador over for a chat.  After a while of pleasantries, Leo took out the laptop with the photographs to show him. The ambassador said he had seen it all in the newspaper and how shocking it was that someone could try to frame me like that.

Leo said very quietly, “I have it on good authority that Philip was the instigator. As he has diplomatic immunity; charging him with this would be nasty and have to be done by my fiancée as a personal matter.  It would simply become a story for the media to feed on.  I’m asking you as a favour to expedite his removal from here to somewhere where he will no longer be a personal threat to the woman who in less than a week will be queen”.

The ambassador replied that this was all highly irregular. Leo replied that it would be more so if the man ever put foot into the palace or anywhere else where either he or I were. When the ambassador eventually left it was with assurances that he would see what he could do.  Apparently Philip was off on a few days leave, but the ambassador had no idea where he was or what he was doing with the time.

We were unaware that Philip was the ambassador’s relation.

5 days to go.

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