Security Blankets

We all have them in some way. For the adventurers it can be that “whoopee” feeling for others it’s their favourite chair and a cuppa.

I’ve recently watched two people who cling to theirs as though any step beyond is probably going to be fatal.

The one has his entire social life tied up in one organisation. Telling me about it he became almost aggressive in emphasising he neither needs nor wants anything else. The same people over and over, the same place, the same concerns. His need to defend it so emphatically made me want to run away. Anything that enveloping would so stifle me I’d be planning to blow it up!

The other is a woman whose home has to be ‘just so’. When it is not she panics. The slightest change has to be planned and discussed, but the result is always – perfection with everything in its place. If it doesn’t have a place then it must be eliminated immediately.

It really does take all kinds to make the world.

13 thoughts on “Security Blankets

  1. Sidey, June’s security’s blanket is closed doors. Mine is things working right – which is why I am always trying to repair things (and probably why I became an engineer)

  2. That would be called obsessive compulsive bahaviour.
    I would love to have a place for everything, but I like too many things 😉
    Wonder what security blanket I have – everything I hold dear seems to have been ripped away from me!!

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