New Beginnings

“Well Dianna, it’s just us two now my love” he said as he put an arm around me, hugged me and walked me back to the house, ignoring my tears as they flowed down my cheeks. Watching Susanna drive off with her new husband to spend some time with his parents in Johannesburg, and then to fly off to Australia to start their life there had been more than I could stand.

I went through to the bathroom to wash my face and feel more comfortable. When I came out into the bedroom, there stood my husband, that patient and kind father, a man usually strong, quiet and predictable, content to take the back seat to our children in our lives. Not just standing, but with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, naked except for some very interesting black silky looking boxer shorts. I didn’t remember buying him those. Over his arm hung something sheer and lacy, bright scarlet and I certainly would have remembered buying THAT.

“Come – off with those clothes and into this”, he said smiling.

“But it’s 7 in the morning” I stammered, slightly confused.

“All the better to start the way we will continue” he said, “now it’s just us, it’s time for a new beginning”.

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