A Story – part 27

Ever since I was reminded of the pact between my cousin (of the distant sort) Anthea and myself, made when we were quite young, I kept thinking about it.  How someone with values like mine, with some commonality of upbringing and background would make an ideal life partner.

Then I thought about how she made me feel.  After all just having things in common is usually what makes friends, and I’d like a lover as well as a wife and friend.  I remembered the day she married.  She was so beautiful, lit from within with happiness.  How I’d longed for someone to look at me as she did.

How I felt when after her widowhood she returned and confided in me.  The tenderness I felt was very deep, I’d wanted to protect her from hurt.

Then I thought about how she had been making me feel recently.  Intrigued, wondering if she found me as attractive as I found her. Maturity had brought her new beauty, and she somehow seemed a lot sexier that some of the women I’d been dating. The self-confidence she had shown made her extremely attractive.  Being able to attract someone like that was a challenge I felt I’d enjoy. Keeping her interested could be a life-long challenge, one I could enjoy.

Dancing with her when I stole her away at the ball had been exhilarating and arousing.

Somehow these days other women paled when compared to her.

Although I have ‘played the field’ I have never been unfaithful to my partner during a relationship. I believe that is even more important in marriage. Full trust and openness seems vital for a successful marriage.

I spent some time talking to family and friends who have had good long enduring marriages, and they seemed to agree with my sentiments. As king in a democratic country I couldn’t really afford scandals in the family.   My wife, as consort to the king could have interests of her own, as well as having some responsibilities towards the country.  Anthea definitely had interests of her own.

All coming together, I wondered how to approach her. My rather general comments seemed to amuse her, I wanted her to take this seriously and give me some real consideration as her lover and husband.

I decided to have a chat with my father.  He was, to my surprise, somewhat dismissive of the whole idea.  “It’s not good for families to intermarry, leads to those jokes in royal families, the cousins who are locked away”. He started.

Then he surprised me even more, “besides that, she’s gotten herself involved with that diplomatic chap from z. It’s quite a thing for her. She tells me she is in love for the first time since that wastrel died” he added.

That was a stumbling block I had not anticipated.

I needed a plan, a good one.

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