Weekend Theme

Friday a.m. time for the theme. I have been wondering for a while about how we get what we believe to be our ‘moral compass’. Some prefer to have it dictated from an external source, believing every dictate exactly. Others prefer to work out for themselves what is and is not right. But what scares […]

That elusive photograph

Thinking of the most elusive photographs took my mind along many byways. I thought of some I have seen: a fox licking the window a cat leaping         a ghost           the moon       Someone has done them all. But then I thought of the most […]

Weekend Theme

It is Friday, end of the first 5 day week for me for a while. Time for the weekend theme. It has been elusively lurking at the back of my mind, now I know why. How to play along – create a post using the theme in some way. Then come back here and leave […]

Weekend Theme

Its Friday, the first cold one this year for me. Autumn is galloping in rather too fast for my liking. Time for the theme, and all I have are gloomy thoughts. Then I received a link, and read this: Go gentle into that good night.  It inspired and depressed me. I will never be as […]

The question(s)

Yesterday afternoon while visiting a friend to help look at a PC display issue, and of course to have a cuppa and a good chat, we ended up discussing research, results and the ‘blindness’ of some researchers. They often do not want to investigate an area, they have a pre-conceived idea of what they want […]

Weekend Theme

As usual on a Friday it is time for me to post a theme for the weekend. Here it is a public holiday, the Easter weekend. So I am not at work. I woke knowing what the theme would be. That is unusual for me, some weeks I have to resort to devices such as […]

The Chameleon

After 5 hours standing in the chilly doorway, occasionally being liberally sprinkled by the rain, I was ready to be relieved and go home to a hot bath and a meal. Once I had had to hide at the back of the doorway and shield my face from the stinging, driving rain. I was sure […]

Weekend theme

It is only Thursday night, but as I have been helping a friend set up his first blog, it gave me the idea for the weekend theme. This weekend it is Chameleon. As usual, to play along, all you do is create a post, using the theme. Then come back here, leave a comment that […]


Anticipation. All very well to fling it out as the weekend theme, but… So I went browsing online definitions Loads of them (I popped them at the end of the post). So many seemed to think it a pleasurable emotion /act. Personally I think it could be a waste of emotional energy. Creating the reaction […]

Weekend theme

It is Friday morning, time for the weekend theme. I was suddenly aware that the idea for the theme was there, somehow in the back of my mind. This week it is ANTICIPATION As usual, to play along, create a post using the theme, then come back here to add your note and a link […]