Down a Rabbit Hole?

When my great aunt Mary died, we discovered a handwritten story among her things. It told of amazing happenings, all because she ended up going down a rabbit hole. I laughed secretly because I knew no person could fit down one. Then I remembered the book “Alice in Wonderland”. I quietly did some family research […]

Weekend theme

It is nearly Friday, and as usual, time for the weekend theme. I’m feeling a little unreal, therefore the weekend theme will have to follow suit. This weekend the theme is Down the rabbit hole… As usual you can simply enjoy reading all if the contributions, or you may join in, create a post using […]


I started in the spring as the village nurse, working under Doctor Lee, who was elderly and really needed the help. The man they all referred to as the ‘new’ doctor, a man who had been living there for the 10 years since Doctor Lee retired had been swept up in that great military machine […]

Weekend Theme

This weekend it’s dead simple. The theme is HANDLES How did this one come about? I have no idea at all. I opened the document to start typing this while my PC realised the 3G connector is in and needs to prompt me for a pin number. As I started typing, there was the one […]

Amusing Consequences

Thinking about the subject this weekend has been odd. Firstly I mis-managed my own electronic diary somewhere during the week. Instead of changing next Sunday’s brunch to the Saturday, I changed this Sunday’s invitation. I arrived a whole day early, m uch to everyone’s amusement. The security guard at the gate phoned her, and she […]


I suspect inconsistency is the nature of human existence. Everyone has mood changes, driven internally or externally. Exposure to new ideas, facts, experiences and people’s ideas and outlook can and do change. Then again there are people who claim “I am always the same”. Yet anyone who has seen some scary movies knows that under […]

Swings and Roundabouts

I am often quite confused as to the reasons for some themes I propose. I often wonder what in my subconscious gets these odd ones to surface. However without extensive and costly analysis, I am sure the answers may elude me. Thinking over this Theme for this weekend a memory surfaced of this as a […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday evening and I still haven’t posted the weekend theme. That is because until 5 minutes ago I couldn’t decide what it is to be. The process of deciding is really what made this theme. This weekend it is Swings and Roundabouts As usual, to play along, create a blog post utilising the theme. […]


When I started to write something for the theme I was all ready to get into something warm and positive and happy. Thinking of all the songs that use Sunshine to indicate happiness, joy, the source of life. As Spring is a’coming in for the Northern hemisphere, everyone is talking of the first really sunny […]


Recently, in a large-ish meeting room when there were several conversations going on, I caught the eye of the person I wanted to show something to on my laptop, and beckoned to her, with a gesture that to me is not impolite, crooking my fingers at her. As she walked round the room she started […]