I started in the spring as the village nurse, working under Doctor Lee, who was elderly and really needed the help. The man they all referred to as the ‘new’ doctor, a man who had been living there for the 10 years since Doctor Lee retired had been swept up in that great military machine […]

Thursday morning thoughts

Watching the latest movie about Marilyn Munroe got me thinking about those women (maybe there are men like that too?) who desperately want to be loved (don’t we all, just the degree seems to be so much more intense for some). The need creates an air of vulnerability which many find attractive, and when they […]

My first…

I had a day of two firsts, one that left me with a lifelong love, the other was later a giggle inspired by an advertisement. A lovely warm Saturday, somewhere back in the early 1970’s I met some friends at an open air restaurant at the Carlton Centre. (The pride and joy of Johannesburg back […]