Anticipation. All very well to fling it out as the weekend theme, but… So I went browsing online definitions Loads of them (I popped them at the end of the post). So many seemed to think it a pleasurable emotion /act. Personally I think it could be a waste of emotional energy. Creating the reaction […]

Weekend theme

It is Friday morning, time for the weekend theme. I was suddenly aware that the idea for the theme was there, somehow in the back of my mind. This week it is ANTICIPATION As usual, to play along, create a post using the theme, then come back here to add your note and a link […]

Weekend Theme

It’s Friday.  The day of the week when we look forward to the weekend, at least those of us who work look forward to it. One of my favourite things about a weekend is, if I have been insomniac during the night and at my normal rising time feel sleepy again, I can usually go […]