Feeling electronically rejected

I have discovered my blog does not send notifications. It used to. Facebook carried my little link, faithfully. Apparently other methods informed people of new blog posts and comments. Alas, no more. And now at 4.12 am on a Thursday that, for us in this hemisphere, is the shortest day, I discover that my comments […]


“Impossible” his grandfatherfather laughed, “if God meant us to fly, he would have given us wings.” “Yes grandad” said Orville, hastily finishing his breakfast and chores so he could go outside to ‘play’.

Autumn musings

Sometimes I seem to drive along blind to the world about me except for an awareness of dangers, other vehicles, people, bikes, dogs, potholes in the roads. Yesterday was one of those other days, where every few minutes something beautiful showed itself. I am lucky at present, because my route to the main office where […]

I wonder

I wonder, why some families seem to always be full of strife and anger and others love each other, make the effort to accommodate each other, and let everyone be a part of everything? I wonder why some people feel the need to abuse or kill animals. Does it make them feel powerful, or compensate […]

Weekend theme

It’s Friday morning and I am sitting at the local airport, waiting for my flight which has been “indefinitely delayed” by the weather. Its only raining and foggy here, not enough to stop the takeoff. We all got quite excited when one plane came in, but that was for the earlier flight. Oh well, I’m […]

Power up

I have been again looking at cables for power and wondering just how I ended up with so many devices needing access to electricity now and then, to charge an internal battery, and just how to cope with the space and power outlets required. There are devices that require their own transformers and those that […]


It all started the day we went go cart racing. He deliberately drove into the back of my little cart. I’d really forgotten that jerking my head around in a crash helmet would give me neck problems. On Monday he looked at me in the neck brace and mocked me. “if you want to play […]


We humans do seem to have a great desire to stamp our idea of beauty on our surroundings. We decorate our living spaces,        gardens, churches.      We paint them, we hang curtains, cover furniture, hang paintings, and erect statues. We even decorate our food. Some humans will be surprised to discover that […]