Upside down Rainbow

It seemed quite a coincidence, the week that the theme was rainbow, i learned something new, upside down rainbow. Circumzenithal arc, is the technical name. A refraction of light through horizontally oriented ice crystals. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? .


I suspect inconsistency is the nature of human existence. Everyone has mood changes, driven internally or externally. Exposure to new ideas, facts, experiences and people’s ideas and outlook can and do change. Then again there are people who claim “I am always the same”. Yet anyone who has seen some scary movies knows that under […]


Swings and Roundabouts

I am often quite confused as to the reasons for some themes I propose. I often wonder what in my subconscious gets these odd ones to surface. However without extensive and costly analysis, I am sure the answers may elude me. Thinking over this Theme for this weekend a memory surfaced of this as a […]

Early morning

Having felt exhausted yesterday I popped off to bed and to sleep quite early (for me), with the consequence of waking somewhat earlier than usual, but without that dreaded feeling of “I haven’t slept enough”. I pottered off to the kitchen and made myself some coffee and a special treat – a slice of toast […]

Starting something new

I believe that when we have an idea, no matter how far hidden in the mind it is, then associated ideas, occurrences etc conspire to bring it to full consciousness. Some people call it coincidence, others synchronicity. Some say it is pre- determined. Whatever. I have been noticing over the last few days, sayings, pictures, […]

Weekend theme

It is only Thursday night, but as I have been helping a friend set up his first blog, it gave me the idea for the weekend theme. This weekend it is Chameleon. As usual, to play along, all you do is create a post, using the theme. Then come back here, leave a comment that […]

Something Hidden

      Here is the whole story. I am a hard-headed lawyer, or so my husband describes me. I am a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions, tax and watertight contracts. I do not involve myself in the messy personal aspects of the law, anti-nuptial contracts and divorce, or worse, criminal law. I […]

Variations on a Theme

I had hoped to have a lot of fun with this on Saturday morning. Instead my Saturday was taken up with organising a new Kitchen door, getting it fitted etc. On Friday I had been working at home, and went out to a meeting at about 10.30. A little earlier someone had rung the intercom […]