A little story

“Please sir, I want to give up my current responsibility”. I begged. The archangel looked at me with a rather surprised expression on his face. “Hmmmmm, he said. I think I’ll need to consult on this one.” He was silent for a moment, his eyes crossed with concentration. “She’s coming” he eventually said. A few […]

Muddy Bottom Ball

In 2007 Arb Thinker (who was then a Letterdash Blogger) challenged us to write something in the style of Terry Pratchett. I see Colonialist re-posted his. That sent me scurrying to find mine and do the same, just for fun. MUDDY BOTTOM BALL by VERRY BADSHITT MUDDY BOTTOM BALLS by VERRY BADSHITT   Mud Floats […]

Story 2 – Part 7

Next morning he went for his usual coffee. Mary herself brought his coffee and sat down to chat for a moment. He thanked her for the lunch. She thanked him for the lovely flowers. Then she said “What did you think of my mum? You two are both alone and I think you’d be perfect […]

Story 2 – part 6

Lunch was an interesting meal. To Dennis, many unusual dishes. Salads that had fruit and vegetables mixed up, things he couldn’t identify. He disliked asparagus and that started a food discussion, with all the adults talking at once, and a few of the children passing comments he would not have tolerated from his own, let […]

Story 2 – Part 5

He was surprised to be met at the door by a man, in his estimation about his own age. The man introduced himself as Mary’s father-in-law, David. They walked through the house and out to a medium sized garden, seemingly full of people. This was not at all what he’d hoped for. A romantic little […]

Story 2 – part 4

Now without Sally to flirt with, Dennis started frequenting a local coffee shop, and when things were quiet he started chatting to the waitresses, and to the owner; Mary G, a women in her 40’s, with thick, dark hair, cut short as he liked. Her smile always seemed especially warm when he came in. After a […]