Anticipation – Part 4

  Jacob cleared his throat, and started again. “I watched him for several days after that, and he was always around. Then a week later, the same thing, only during the afternoon was when he disappeared. I noticed one of the guards had spoken to him quietly some hours earlier, so it seemed an arranged […]

Anticipation – Part 3

Jacob cleared his throat, Sally’s emotion seemed to be affecting him. “At first he seemed just another nice chap there, you know him, dependable, always willing to help someone.  So we became friends. Then he seemed to be disappearing every now and then. Sometimes he was just sitting with others, but sometimes he really seemed […]

Anticiption – Part 2

As people seemed to want to know what happened………… Sally danced on down the stairs, smiling and humming. Ben was home, her Ben. Now all was well again and their lives together could start. Mariah watched as the man turned around and started walking up to the house. He walked a bit stiffly, Ben had […]


The war is over; I’ll never get to be a soldier Peace again, how many have we really lost? Ben will be coming home! Teddy, the 17 year old, looks at his books sadly. Now he will have to study harder. Then his face brightens. The dream of becoming a vet can return. It was […]


THE END He typed it and sighed, staring at it in the screen. He remembered the first book, how eagerly he’d typed the terminal words after 3 months of writing. And how sad and frustrated he was that the process of editing and refining went on for another 4 months. When the first David Finch […]


I sat in the seemingly endless meetings. My head pounding as the details were worked out. Finally the contract was agreed. And it gave me exactly what I wanted. This was the next step up, time for a small celebration. They were all drinking when I walked in. With that headache I didn’t dare. “A […]

Big Julie, first time guardian angel

The Most Senior sat next to me. She sighed gently, making a small cloud tumble and giggle. Then it came back and formed a circle around her head. “Look I’m a halo” came from round her head. She smiled and said, “Thank you so much, you make a beautiful halo”. The cloud swirled around giggling […]

The See Through Angel

I looked at her, She seemed to shimmer, then she wasn’t there, then she was. An angel you could sometimes see through was something I hadn’t seen before.   She was standing with a group of others watching the sun set behind the Moon, that very sharp line between light and dark rushing over the […]

The orange angel

Si and I sat on a large fluffy cloud, watching the moonlight that streamed past us and made the ocean below gleam as it rocked and heaved. So restless that ocean. If it was one of the children we guarded I would have soothed it with a lullaby, so very restless. Our twins were sleeping […]