Something I have never done before

Day 1: Dennis died yesterday.  In his office they said. At lunchtime. He had phoned to say he was not coming home for lunch as he wanted to work through.  Apparently his secretary, Margery found him and called the ambulance. No one phoned me until he had been declared dead at the hospital. When I […]


The little girl was excited, her first CONCERT. Last year she had been in the audience with her parents, watching as all those girls danced. This year she was one of them, a fairy, with a real sparkly wand. She knew it was real, she had helped her dad make it, the stick, carefully painted […]

The circle

Gio tried hard, a little frown of concentration wrinkling his forehead. Everyone else seemed to do it the way the pedagogue described. His however must have been a poor attempt, because the pedagogue just clucked his tongue and said nothing, moving on to the next youngster and talking to him. The pedagogue said “No one […]

Through the book

    So there we were just hanging around on a damp and gloomy Thursday afternoon, nothing much to do really, when Marvyn said “Let’s go visiting through the book”. “NO!” shouted Ethyl. “Remember how we were attacked the last time and I lost my body and if Cecily here hadn’t put my head in […]


  When she began it was like all other humans, a sperm and an egg. Joining, splitting, experiencing hormones, developing buds for arms, legs, a head. A miracle in every minute. The hormones she experienced depended on those tricky chromosomes. One combination makes a female baby and another male. Hers for female, but she was […]


Having had a rather difficult week, I logged in here to post the weekend theme and go do some reading, only to discover that this hadn’t yet been posted. OOPS! so here it is, a week late! It was at the beginning of the school year, when as a new boy I arrived at our […]


I don’t remember when he first came to town, maybe no-one does. There was a time when the women who ran the soup-kitchen talked about a man, so very thin and limping, a bandage around his head. He would assist the mothers with children, the elderly and only after them would he approach the table […]

and Doing it right

Igor sighed, another NEW castle. New castles were such a bother, nothing had any character, everything worked as people expected it to work. And of course, the dungeons were never correctly laid out; never a place to sleep peacefully without the slushing and gurgling of the plumbing. Two years the last one had taken, re-routing […]

Down a Rabbit Hole?

When my great aunt Mary died, we discovered a handwritten story among her things. It told of amazing happenings, all because she ended up going down a rabbit hole. I laughed secretly because I knew no person could fit down one. Then I remembered the book “Alice in Wonderland”. I quietly did some family research […]


I started in the spring as the village nurse, working under Doctor Lee, who was elderly and really needed the help. The man they all referred to as the ‘new’ doctor, a man who had been living there for the 10 years since Doctor Lee retired had been swept up in that great military machine […]