Working on happiness

Idle thoughts seeing a friend telling on Facebook that she has joined a site for posting something for 100 days. Each day a post about happiness. Is this also for me? Naah! Stop and think, what harm can it do? Uses up a few minutes each day. I can spare that. Will it have any […]

Sunday Somethings

I have not had the best of weeks. Today I think I am realising why. I’m trying to do something I haven’t done previously, as well as dealing with someone whose work methods neither I nor the others in the company really understand. So I’m feeling insecure, not like me at work. What I can’t […]


Umbrella. All week they have danced through my dreams, never once behaving as they should – to keep the rain off. And as for their fair-weather friends the sunshades, well they too have behaved disgracefully in my dreams. Actually that isn’t really true. They have behaved gracefully, floating, tumbling and generally being beautiful. World-wide the […]

The day I (almost) sold my sister (for 100 cows)

On my recent trip to Swaziland, my sister and I drove out to the location where the famous local candle makers are sited. The area has manufacturing and selling sections, with one area where there are demonstrations on how the candles are made. Other shops in the same little area sell clothes, woven goods etc. […]

Monday morning in another country

It is rather fun visiting a country that is smaller than some cities. Swaziland, completely enclosed by South Africa. I am here to visit my sister and see where she has come to live. With a population of 1.23 million it has fewer people than Johannesburg where I live. Jo’burg has over 3 million. It […]

Becoming history

Just over 12 years ago we woke to a new day. Preparing to fly on to the next city on a trip to China. Over breakfast I heard discussion of what seemed a violent film (not the sort of thing those guys seemed interested in). I went back upstairs and saw the footage of aeroplanes […]


Today I had an odd meeting with a client. Away from their offices, and as this is a financial organisation this is most unusual. Actually I had a meeting with one of them many years ago (last century in fact) at her home but that was more personal advice for someone at the end of […]

Secret Watcher

A weekend away does not help to give me time to write. At least not when  it’s away visiting family and friends in Cape Town. Then the week has been a bit oddly busy, so many different things to do that I’m not really focused on an anything much. The secret watcher has been haunting […]