People watching

I have recently had the privilege of working closely with 2 men, quite different in background, but both intelligent and thoughtful.  That contract is about to end, and I will be sad to lose the almost daily interaction with them. One in his 30’s the other in his 60’s and both with a sense of humour that has made some difficult work a pleasure.

Elsewhere I have been observing 4 people, each with the same title in 4 companies in a larger group of companies. How different they are, one thoughtful and able to articulate his business clearly, one who knows all the buzz words but never gets to implementing the substance behind the buzz word, one who balances between common sense and the emotional approach, and the last one who really should have a different title and job, so involved in technology that there seems no space for any other ideas.

How amazing it is to realise just how different each person is, unique in their background, experiences, education and personality.

There are times when I want to find a quiet spot and scream, and other times when I just have to sit quietly ‘shuffling’ each one in my head, wondering what combination of circumstances, education and personality make them so different.

Those are the times I realise how fortunate I am to be able to observe each in turn.


9 thoughts on “People watching

  1. How do you think they see you? Personally I would not tackle the question, so I would not expect you to either. I pose the question, as I find it frustrating as hell when someone thinks they know what am like. Perhaps three people have ever got right.

    Am probably missing you intent?

    1. I have no idea how they see me. I do know the elder of the two has been singing my praises in various places. As for the other 4 – I have only met some of them once, really interesting how such different people can have the same role.

  2. Reminds me of a bit of dialogue from the film, Life of Brian.

    Crowd responds: “Yes, we are all individuals.”
    Small man: ‘I’m not”
    Crowd: ‘Sssssh!”

  3. Wonderful to be the sort of person who reflects on these things, Sidey: but then, I imagine that ability to reflect is one of the things which makes you so good at your job.

    1. Hopefully it does. On this project I’ve taken some emotional stuations and by focusing everyone back on the basics found ways for them to work out of the apparent impasse

  4. so very true about the differences of folk performing the same tasks/jobs. You see it all the time, but makes me wonder what the common thread is that has put them in the position they are?

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