Kindergarten Competition

The Food Bloggers Indaba (see previous post) went very well. We arrived, ate, drank, chatted, laughed, awarded prizes for anything and everything, had a game to hand out the “goodie bags”, and then…

We had a creative competition.

Amazing just how badly adults can behave given half a chance. A friend (who was attending the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba) send us a present – the contents of which were to play a game.

The friend is Lyndatjie – she of the ‘frog lady’ fame on the media24 blogs – way back when.

She sent some meringues, lots of fontant icing in various colours, some squeezy tubes of decoration for icing, solver balls, hearts and other stuff.

The competition was to make a frog on a meringue.

We did so. BADLY in some cases. So badly indeed that I suspect the local kindergarten school may have suggested another year at home to develop fine motor co-ordination for the creators.

Here are the frogs, you may vote for the best one – using whatever criteria you please.f1 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f9

8 thoughts on “Kindergarten Competition

  1. Oi I thought you were food eaters indaba…..are you trying to infringe on my copywrite? Heehee…..I kind of like the red one….but it doesn’t fulfill the brief of a frog on a meringue does it? I do loooove the eyelashes on the blue one and also the beeeg eyes of the green one second from bottom in the post. So who won? It was fabulous to meet Lyndatjie finally. xx

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