MEN and a morning musing

I was just thinking about how men are so often such wonderful people when up popped a story online. About a dad who blogs, and he posted a picture of himself doing his daughter’s hair. Apparently that went viral all over, with both good and bad comment (and of course racist because he is dark-skinned).

Doyin Richards, a man with a wife and two children. Nothing that unusual about that, it’s petty common the world over (except maybe for some variance in the numbers of children). He was rather surprised at all of the attention – beng a blogger I’m sure he likes having real readers.

The ‘allowed’ role of men in western society has been changing for a while now, sometimes with the happiest of consequences. I was lucky to have a fully involved and loving father, but at least one of my friends had an abusive one. Many of the others were somewhere in between, loving, but not always showing it beyond being a good breadwinner.

Sadly all of these happy thoughts took me to the dark side, where the very men one hopes would be the primary protector of their children turn out to be the ones who hurt or kill them. What role models do those men have, absent fathers maybe, cross grandfathers who don’t want the responsibility for a second family? Step-fathers who really didn’t want children, but met a woman raising children alone.

One of my favourite aspects of science fiction, is that unquenched belief that so many societal problems will be resolved and that people will behave in civilised ways to each other treating each other with respect and respect for their human rights. All except for the baddies of course, who break all those rules.

In general though, I think men are such nice people, we should keep them on.

9 thoughts on “MEN and a morning musing

  1. Yes, yes ! Another vote here, let’s keep them on! I think they will probably say, the same for us though maybe for different reasons. I was also blessed with a great father and a great husband, and three great sons, so maybe i am prejudiced. While I say that, it would not be fair to the rest of the world’s women without saying that they were none of them prefect. As some of you may suspect, I was and am not either, so for me it all balances out.

    Funny you should mention your reasons for liking science fiction (at least some of it), because I feel the same way. It is so nice to see a future blessed with no poverty or other of However, I have the sneaking suspicion that there will always be some problems like that, because unless some radical DNA changes happen, we will still face the many societal woes we face today. Or we will come up with new ones. We seem to thrive on conflict. If only we could learn to restrict the conflict to internal squabbling that leads to solutions and not devastation.

    Got a theme for me this weekend? I’m sort of writing with no direction right now, and I need your help to push me out of this stall i’m in. . .

    How is your happiness coming along? It is always such a shock to some people that happiness is a choice, and sometimes it requires work! Particularly when UNhappiness is always so conveniently there right at your fingertips, and requires no work whatsoever! 😀

  2. Men disgust me. Some.

    Women disgust me. Some.

    It seems now days, either gender is capable of bad behaviour. Good or bad, I tend to see the person first, gender second.

    A few years back, in a small city 30Km away, a nine year old girl was lured away from her school. She was raped, then murdered with a hammer; her body buried under stones in rural farm area a 150Km away. Two people, were charged and convicted -a man and a women in their mid twenties. The women plea bargained down for a less charge. Her testimony, used to convict the man for 1st degree on all accounts. In that trial’s aftermath, evidence came forth that the women was more than just an lesser accomplice. She was the one lured the girl away. Was very much part of the assault. Was the one who delivered the first blow with the newly purchased hammer. The link below was my reaction to this hideous crime. You might have read, though I never really explained what it was about.

    1. I can not imagine doing most of the things I read about that some people do. A hammer is for nails, the metal kind, or for making interesting patterns in metal, or smashing a broken pot to provide the bits that manage the drainage in another pot with a plant.
      My mind literally wants to hide from the knowledge that there are people like that.

      1. ‘The mind wants to hide from the knowledge’. A functioning conscience is a good watchdog to oversee the mind. It seems you have both in the right.

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