Working on happiness

Idle thoughts seeing a friend telling on Facebook that she has joined a site for posting something for 100 days. Each day a post about happiness.

Is this also for me? Naah!

Stop and think, what harm can it do? Uses up a few minutes each day. I can spare that.

Will it have any benefits?

There is only one way to find out.

So I am trying it out. So far so good. Nothing spectacular, but n a day of stress and frustration, it made me deliberately look for something that made the day bearable. That can only be good.

7 thoughts on “Working on happiness

  1. It will be of some interest to see if it has any effect. Personally, it reminds me of a group of young kids at school dutifully singing, in dirge-like tones, ‘I am H A P P Y, I am H A P P Y …’

    1. Some days it has been hard. I suspect that taking time to think of something good in your life on a bad day is good for breaking a negative thought pattern.

  2. I have to think about it – am I happy? Well, I’m not Unhappy and I am content with my life at the moment so, well… I suppose I AM happy, lol 😉

  3. Someone told me today, that it had been over a year, closer to two, that they had laughed or felt happy. Ugh.

    1. THat is very sad. I gave up on the 100 day thing as it felt very forced when I really was having a bad time. But I worked through that and am doing happy lots of the time.

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