Sunday Somethings

I have not had the best of weeks. Today I think I am realising why.

I’m trying to do something I haven’t done previously, as well as dealing with someone whose work methods neither I nor the others in the company really understand. So I’m feeling insecure, not like me at work.

What I can’t work out is why it doesn’t just feel like a good challenge instead of a disaster?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings

  1. Maybe a different kind of challenge – not the kind which excites and energizes but the kind which throws one back into oneself to ask, what do I really value/ believe? is it me who must change? Later one can go forward, both in understanding of the new method and in choosing how to support or amend, working with what the insecurity has shown you. Best wishes for finding your way, take care of the rest of your life during times of insecurity.

  2. not sure what to suggest here, other than know this situation is not with you for life. I’m pretty sure that didn’t help at all, so I will leave with a be strong and kick their ass! 🙂

  3. It’s the being told off bit that gets me every time. Not a nice ethos to function under. Thinking of you, Sidey; I work in a similar atmosphere and holding your own is a tough gig. Hope this week brings cracks of daylight in the gloom.

  4. ‘I don;t handle being blamed when I’m not the cause’, oh how I would like to get this made into a T-shirt or shout it from the mountain tops.

    Grumbles and goes to bed.

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