Monday musings

As life and work become more complex, I sometimes wonder how people keep up.

I am watching an organisation’s IT department that has been split in two (one side of the business decided it needed its own IT as the IT department was too costly and didn’t give what was needed). A residual culture of bullying tacticsfrom the previous CIO who was forced out eventually. No way the two groups talk enough to each other. No common way forward.

How on earth would you re-start this into a functioning organisation without a huge turnout of the top levels? Even though most of them are probably not the cause of the dysfunctional situation, they are so far stuck in it they can’t see a way out.

Could a small team of really great leadership fix it?


8 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. These are great questions, Sidey. I would like to hear more about it later on what sort of solutions were eventually found.
    Groups not communicating with each other? And modern life becoming more complicated? Well, I reckon a bit more real communication would probably benefit everyone. I wonder, is it possible?

    1. I was at a session today and some of them were communicating well together. i am very relieved, although I don’t know what goes on outside of the meeting room

  2. I swear when I read this you were referring to the IT company I work for. We’ve had something like this happen to us a couple of times over the years. Not easy, I wish you well with this

  3. Sounds very similar to giving someone ‘the cold shoulder’? Easier to blame then to become part of the solution?

  4. I mediated a similar situation several years back. It is a tough job. Especially when you get the old “we tried THIS before and it didn’t work.” The best you can do is chip away at the low hanging fruit, the work your way up to the tougher stuff. And hope people keep coming to the table with an open mind. Hang in there.

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