Weekend theme

Friday at the end of an odd week. Dealing with the passing of an icon, someone who helped us as a country to become better than we were.dealing with a huge influx of bigwigs from all round the world, some politicians coming in droves together on fancy aeroplanes.

A memorial service for probably the most recognized man; in sunny Johannesburg on a day when the rain fell as though we had moved into a monsoon. On my birthday, also human rights day. A fitting day for a man who fought so long for human rights. And as rain is a good sign in Africa, the rain was welcome.

A president who was booed when he rose to speak, not surprising because he is greedy and does not care for how the poorest live. A sign language interpreter in the loosest sense of the word.a man having a schizoid episode, standing next to all those important people, twitching away but no one understood his twitches.

The kilometer long queues of people waiting to pass by the lying in state, to say a personal farewell.

Hard to get back to normality and finish off work for the year.

Meanwhile – a theme is needed. Something different.
This weekend the theme is

As usual, create your contribution, then come back and leave a link to it, so that others can follow and read.

9 thoughts on “Weekend theme

  1. It’s been a bit of a circus there, hasn’t it? 😀 What do you class as normality in SA?
    The monumental gaffes perpetrated by the ANC, I would consider most insulting to Mandela’s memory.

    Happy weekend to you, sidey.

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