Umbrella. All week they have danced through my dreams, never once behaving as they should – to keep the rain off. And as for their fair-weather friends the sunshades, well they too have behaved disgracefully in my dreams.

Actually that isn’t really true. They have behaved gracefully, floating, tumbling and generally being beautiful.

World-wide the umbrella is used to protect us from the weather, rain, sunshine. But somehow never really from the wind. Put the wind and an umbrella together, and what do you get? CHAOS – that’s what!

A story grew, collapsed, tried to rise from the ashes of the old, but those ashes were off, dancing with those errant brollies and shades.

I looked for inspiration, but found

Mary Poppins, using her brolly for transport


The geisha shyly peeping out from hers


those jolly people dancing under theirs


a frog using a leaf as an umbrella



a snail using a dandelion seed as an umbrella

the ubiquitous black umbrella and the fun and beautiful ones


But the story never came.

9 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. Not sure why, but picturing a frog with an umbrella kinda makes frog well kinda cutesy. Maybe I should get an umbrella. Ah, whom I kidding, once a frog always a frog. I think Mary Poppins was the first time I went to a movie theater without my mother or much older sibling -the beginning of independence.

    Your ‘histoire non-histoire’ is good shtufffs. I read a quote by Tom Waits, a while back I thought funny and insightful. Though he was talking songs, I think it makes sense with writing and stories as well.

    Tom, “songs are just interesting things I do with air”.

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