Weekend Theme

First I have to apologise for ducking out on the last weekend theme. The half-written post stares at me from my desktop daily. Not really begging to be written (I think it realises that is not going to happen) but as a guilty reminder of failure.

So I have decided to cut my losses on that one. The mojo definitely left home and I think the only way to get it to return is to offer fresh sacrifice to the mojo for its return.

(What’s a mojo?) a few years ago on a South African blg platform we had a long discussion over it. Our version is like a muse, only, being African, it is more powerful and embedded in one than just some external magic charm.

So I’m back, ready to start reading what you lot write. Which of course brings me to the place of remembering I don’t yet have one – a theme – that is.

(long pause while searching word of the day sites, the news, and even a random search of cartoons on Google)

The theme for this weekend is Dubious.

As usual, to play along, create your post using the theme, then come back here and post a comment with a link to your post. Follow the other links to find out what the theme did for others.

The rule, as always, is Have fun with it!

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