Weekend Theme






PC – check mail

PC – oh oh – weekend theme

OK this week I’m not late. I had time in the shower and while having breakfast to think about the theme. Two pretty opposite ideas wandered around, vaguely competing for the place next to the typing fingers.

I eventually wrote them both on pieces of paper, folded them and threw them into the air. My small cat lept on one, so I decided that was the theme. (Thanks Nunu for the help, now we just have to find where the other one went)

This weekend the theme is


As always, to play along, create your post using the theme. Anything that you want, whatever format, words, pictures, sound, combinations. Then come back here and leave a comment with a link to your post, so that others can go and see how diverse we all are, around a common theme.

The rule, as always: HAVE FUN!


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