Weekend theme

It is Friday – afternoon. I haven’t got a glimmering of an idea what the theme should be. Asking my class over lunch for ideas somehow didn’t really help.

Then I remembered something from a discussion last night. And wham! I went searching for an appropriate word.
So here it is, the weekend theme.


As usual the way to play along, create a post using the theme word. Somehow, somewhere as the inspiration. Then come back here and leave a link in a comment so that others can follow the links and enjoy.

The rule. Have fun with it.


28 thoughts on “Weekend theme

  1. Sidey, are you quite sure you have spelt it right – shouldn’t it be gas colonnade, ie a colonnade of gas built up in side one’s, well, colon ? ๐Ÿ˜€ Sorry too difficult (and ugly) a subject for a poem, unfortunately!

  2. Hey Sidie,

    I’m doing “FEET” for my theme today. It’s the 26th, so I found the 26th book on my shelf, opened to page 26, found line 26 and count 26 words in… that word is “FEET.”

    Just thought your should know.

    Cheers, Rita

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