For a change the caps lock thingy is deliberate and not just the consequence of my nimble but inaccurate fingers dancing around on the keyboard.

For the last few days I have had the agressive manner in which some companies sell their products and/or services on my mind.

The beer manufacturer from South Africa, when starting up in Kenya used to run ‘tastings’ at the hotel where I stayed. Local people seemed quite cuffed to be invited to these sessions.  I remember a few years ago being told by the top team there that they had lunch every day at a different restuarant, and if their beer was not available, got up, loudly complaining and left the restuarant. These tactics were rather a shock to the local restuaranteers.

Now reading about companies selling genetically modified seed for crops, their contract forbids the farmer (who PAYS for the seeds) to keep any from the crop and re-plant from seed-stock the following year. Totally denying the process farmers have utilised throughout history to use the seed-stock that works best for their environment, and that creates the best results for them. If one pooor farmer dares to keep seed, they are sued by the company. Once in, there is little or no escape for the farmers.

Now when the so-called insect resistant genetically modified cops have created newly resistant insects, they enforce that farmers must spray with specific pesticides at specific times (or else they can’t guarentee the crop success). Makes one wonder who owns who in the seed and pesticide market.

Then when all of this has caused illnesses (slowly being proven around the world) guess what? The company that makes the pesticides is also a drug company. I wonder who will be forcefully selling the ‘cure’?



  1. If the French were having their revolution now, would there be a 5th Estate or would the Church be replaced by Big Business? What would Lenin have made of seed companies acting like the Tsar and his nobles?

    1. I wonder. I believe somehow all this is tangled up in the slowly starting world-wide revolt against the chains that come from big business and politicans being in each other’s pockets

  2. Freedom and democracy in action? Maybe it’s not all its cracked up to be? Seems to me that controlling the “means of production” even in a hi-tech way is perpetuating economic enslavement.

  3. Very informative. I remain curious though. How would the Gm company determine whether the seeds used by the farmer is from the current or last year’s lot? Assuming of course that he is planting the same crop.


    1. Shakti, I don’t know, obviously in light of the case they just won in the USA they have ‘ways’ of telling.
      It just makes thecase for people preserving and using ‘heritage’ seeds even stronger

  4. I’ve heard of these GM companies in effect owning the farmers, and suing / fining or charging them if they don’t comply with their demands, and keeping the profit from the crops the farmers have grown. Doesn’t seem fair to me, Sideview, so the fact that they have links to all of these other companies doesn’t surprise me at all.They’ll all be owned by a major corporation at the end of the trail… but whether the end of the trail will be found remains to be seen…

    1. time for real people to stand up to the existing political tructures and then stop the power of these companies to hold whole populations to ransome

  5. The list of companies Monsanto has bought out is wrong. They did not purchase T & T Seeds of Winnipeg – it is a family owned company and has been for over 60 years. I wonder how many other seed companies listed shouldn’t be on the list.

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