Early morning dreams

Is this the existential angst of old age, or the consequence of cheest for supper?

I was having two parallel dreams; do I have a dual-processor brain?

In the one I was trying to write a talk for a conference, covering technology or business trends, new ways, ew technology, leaders. And all I could come up with is that there are no real leaders of stature, and that with technology we are just learning to cope with very mobile i nformation that impinges on us 24 hours a day, dentying us respite from the world’s demands, making us less human, less tolerant of delay. And for those of us over 45, adding the need to wear our glasses all the time.

The other was about a person (gender unclear), who had had predictions made for them and was now living through them. The big battle, in a sort of old amphitheatre come hilltop, was with a cougar, The cougar was partly friend, but mostly enemy. Yet when a dragon came and fought the cougar the person also attacked the cougar. When the cougar was dead, the dragon left and the person sorrowfully carried away the body of the cougar. The next scene had the person walking toward a chair, on which sat a live doll. The prediction about this was for the person to die. At that stage the friend who was watching with me and I both cried out that this must stop, but that we had to keep watching. We had out arms about each other and our fingertips touching. We were crying.

Then I woke, seeming to struggle free of these dreams. Lying in bed waking fully, I started thinking; are we really trying to change the world order of big business and government opressing humanity, control us all in the name of money and poower?

Have I gone crazy and only now noticed?

26 thoughts on “Early morning dreams

  1. Wow what powerful dreams. I think the thoughts you woke up with are the meaning of the dream. I definitely do think you are going crazy but rather that your mind is working out hard processing the current state of world events. More and more people are doing what they can to change the way corporations and governments control us. We live in very interesting times.

  2. Those early morning dreams do always feel so real hey Sidey. Very interesting dreams you had. You should google it and search under “meaning of dreams”. Maybe your dreams are indeed trying to tell you something. I do wish we could get out under the control of the governments and corporations. They are indeed sucking us dry.
    Great post hon and thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*

    1. I believe dreams are the way your brain takes recent inputsnand experiences and links them to known stuff, places the links and reminders in odd places that make up your own filing system.

  3. Powerful dreams, Sidey!

    I too woke up heavily, struggling out of a dream in which I was to appear before a tribunal re a huge amount of money the government claimed I owed them. Somewhere in the milling about before proceedings began I found I had lost my purse (money, ID, everything)…

    It may be that we are going crazy… but I think perhaps we are going sane.

  4. Your dream isn’t surprising, considering how we’re bombarded with bad news all the time. My worst dream this week was that I had people round for dinner and everything else was cooked except for the chicken which was still raw. πŸ˜€

  5. Interesting dreams – you should read the latest Slavoj Ε½iΕΎek post at LondonReviewofBooks. I just read a blurb of it on another blog and it goes well with the questions you pose here…sweet dreams ~ a

  6. Ah, and here we are again. I have recently been at Nancy Hatch’s, where I was blathering on about the fact that we are not all delusional, but that we choose which parts of reality to take notice of. Ignorig the unthinkable unbearable is something every human does. A dance between attentiona nd inattention. But this kind of self preservation can leave us blinkered.

    Anyhoo, our dreams can open our eyes to those things we have been choosing to be blind to, is my point. You have indeed just noticed, not craziness, but a new perspective.

    Or that’s my theory πŸ˜€

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