Upside down Rainbow

It seemed quite a coincidence, the week that the theme was rainbow, i learned something new, upside down rainbow.

Circumzenithal arc, is the technical name. A refraction of light through horizontally oriented ice crystals.

Isn’t that a beautiful sight?



22 thoughts on “Upside down Rainbow

  1. It is, but in all my years I’ve never seen one. Glad you showed it to me; now if I see one I’ll know it is the rainbow that has flipped, and not me.

  2. It’s gorgeous! Looks like it’s smiling Sidey and the first time I’ve ever seen one as well! Great shot and post hon! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Cool they are. I have seen a few CZA on the east coast of Canada. Also awesome are parhelic circles (halos) which could be described as rainbows which circle the sun. I saw a memorable one two years ago in Cuba. It was quite intense in colour and lasted over an hour.

      1. No they’re real, though that necessarily doesn’t meaning you weren’t imbibing something illicit at the time. I guess any phenomenon in the late sixties or seventies was always suspect. Whose to know, whose to tell and who really cares any more.

        ‘Imbibing’, gosh, what a great word. Almost theme-like.

  4. First time I’ve heard of this – very interesting! I would have thought the angle at which light pierced the water (eg waterfall) or ice crystals would have an effect on the angle of the rainbow – or maybe it’s the same thing. Be nice to actually see it!

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