Just wondering

As I should be writing something else, it was obvious that a blog post should get in the way.

I have been seeing so much recently about the effects of some chemicals on humans, and equally about the benefits of veggies, herbs and fruit. These ‘epidemics’ of cancer, obesity, diabetes etc, each with multiple links to chemical exposure, and so often relieved by returning to a more simple diet of fresh produce, grown organically.

As I am still getting over the effects of a dayof exposure  to carpet cleaning chemicals (more than a year ago at a client site on go-live day when I was up and down the passage all day) I am sure many chemical compounds that are believed to  be ‘useful’ are seriously bad for humans, animals, insects and plants.

Then there are the bees, or rather the lack of them. Europe and the USA, biggest consumers of pesticides and GM plant crops (though Europe seems to be catching on to the untested dangers of the GM foods). I was horrorfied to realise that bee keepers have to drive the hives around from area to area for fertilising crops for mono-culture farms and regions in the USA. Bees aren’t meant to do that. And along with all the stress from real killer pesticides, GM plants that kill insects, and the migrant-labour stress, the bees are fewer and fewer.

When you see just how much forest w0orlwide is being uprooted daily for crops, animal species dying out from hunting and habitat destruction you have to wonder when we will stop having enough oxygen generated for all these people.

I think the only answer is to start drastically reducing the earth’s human population. People only value that which is rare, so maybe if everyone was only allowed to reproduce once, better care would be taken with the precious children (I certainly saw some of that in China) and the sheer numbersn0of humans that are the basic cause so many of the problems would reduce.

Then the mono-culture farming could be changed to rotating crops that feed the bees all year round, fewer crops would be needed, so deforesation and habitat destruction would reduce, species would have a chance at survival.

Fewer of us would probably be a really good idea.

Now I have had my little fantasy, I’d better be off to do the other writing.

8 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. You have the answer to all the word’s problems. One child per family for the next X generations. (Actually, it might be a good idea to continue it to extinction …)
    Only problem is, how to start and how to enforce it?

  2. Of course the answer to this whole mess is population control.The problem in China is that they kill the girl babies because most want boys,again messing with the balance of nature.

    1. They do, and the babies pout up for adoption are mainly girls.

      One of the tour guides when I was on holiday there said his chances of marrying were slim as the number inbalance has left so many more men than women in his age group

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