I suspect inconsistency is the nature of human existence. Everyone has mood changes, driven internally or externally. Exposure to new ideas, facts, experiences and people’s ideas and outlook can and do change.

Then again there are people who claim “I am always the same”. Yet anyone who has seen some scary movies knows that under an unchanging exterior lurks the darkest of forces. Anyway, reacting to all circumstances in only one way is somewhat inconsistent with ongoing survival. Learning and adapting our is how we ensure our survival in an ever changing world.

Some of my inconsistencies embarrass me. As I wrote in the lead up to the theme, I get vertigo and also love flying. Others are just a bit quirky.

I love the idea of dessert, but usually find them too sweet for my taste, yet knowing this I continue to try them. Then I think of those with digestive system problems who continue to load their plates with chilli and other hot foods guaranteed to create the reactions they bemoan. Consistent, maybe?

I love each season for different reasons, yet like so many humans moan about weather being the same for too long. 2 days of rain and I begin to be depressed. 2 weeks of just sunshine and I am out in the garden, doing a rain dance. Summer is sometimes too hot, winter too cold, and spring and autumn, well they are just too unreliable for my taste.

I quite like being short, but hate the fact the world is definitely designed for adults several inches taller than I am.

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and should be allowed free speech. Yet I have absolutely no patience with racists and bigots. Hardly consistent, am I?

18 thoughts on “Inconsistency

      1. Then the same would apply to Inconsistency vs consistency.

        I’ve spent this past week talking, looking and helping a man who once was my father. Everyday has been one filled with inconsistency and consistency -every minute, every breath defies the law of averages -this dying thing is chalked full consistency and inconsistency that at the moment I could do without.

  1. Lovely post, Spidey – inconsistency keeps things interesting and you on your toes…the same old over and over can probably be a good thing but the novelty in that runs out super fast. Then you’re stuck! Urgh!

  2. The essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it would be almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you love.

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