When I started to write something for the theme I was all ready to get into something warm and positive and happy. Thinking of all the songs that use Sunshine to indicate happiness, joy, the source of life. As Spring is a’coming in for the Northern hemisphere, everyone is talking of the first really sunny days. Happy and excited.

Then somewhere along the way I got caught up in the other side of Sunshine. You know, the side where deserts are created, droughts that kill off plants, animals, people. The way the unwary get skin cancer from too much sunshine.

You could say I was facing the Dark Side of Sunshine.

When I realised where that had taken me, and started contemplating what the dark side of sunshine would look like, I realised I had also reached a point of absurdity and should desist immediately.

So now I am still wondering what on earth to write about sunshine…

19 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. The dark side of sunshine, I find that interesting,

    I was tinkering on something a week ago about someone who didn’t like sunrises and thought they were ‘homely’.

  2. Old Western song:
    I wish I had never met Sunshine
    And Sunshine had never met me
    I wish I had never met Sunshine,
    I’m now in the jailhouse, you see …

    That gives no light on the subject.

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