Trolls, not the kind Bilbo Baggins or Harry Potter knew, but those we have all seen on the internet.

Reading some comments on a news thread this weekend I was struck by how many of these trolls are actually uncouth, rude, mannerless. With the weekend theme being mnners I was perhaps a bit biased towards looking at things in terms of manners and not just a real or imagined psychological basis for behaviour.

I realised these trolls appear to want to seem superior to others, but in failing to do so, turn nasty. Pretty much like a schoolyard argument. The badly brought up child who falls short on logic resorts to taunts or violence.

This all took me back to where do people find their ‘locus of morality’. More and more I see people who can only operate in society with externally given rules, enforced by punishments for infringements.

Are humans really such that they can not think out values for themselves? Is it stupidity, laziness? I wonder….

27 thoughts on “Trolls

  1. Most of the comments to articles on line are disgustingly rude.
    I also blame the lack of proper moderation on these type of threads. On the Dutch news website which I read those type of comments are removed pronto and the moderator will leave a message to stay on topic.

  2. I agree with you Sidey, but I think the web has created an alternate universe where people are not generally held accountable for their comments as most remain anonymous. The comments at the end of some news articles are truly disgusting and even though I might have something to say I choose not to because all debates seem to quickly deteriorate into racist rants and personal abuse. It is far too big a task to moderate all comment threads but as things stand these are not a forum for healthy debate.

    1. the news one in question does seem to attract trolls of all persuasions. Itis so sad that they all wantto flig around prejudices instead of discussing issues raised.

      the trolls we have met blogging have all had personal agendas

  3. Every social network has these trolls, FB Twitter and of course blogs. People can be very rude when they think they are anonymous. Had a rude comment on my blog which I spammed, I have a good idea who it is – an old troll who does not have a life but to leave unpleasantness wherever she goes. But it does not phase me really, par for the course.

      1. Oh yes I remember – long ago, far away now. I can also tell you that some troll nearly killed off a blog site, because people really tire of all the unfounded rants.

  4. People think because they can anonymously comment on blogs they can be rude or offensive! I really think the best way to treat these trolls are to simply delete their comments and to ignore that they have ever existed!

  5. Parenting maybe, bad or none whatsoever. Or. Were born that way, part of our makeup, which goes to the responsibility of parents / society of instilling moral values deemed acceptable……….lambs to bullies or bullies to lambs. Either or, there are still those who turn into such later in life. They tend to be scared, cowering people on the inside trying to over come by showing superiority via fierceness. I guess that is what you already said?

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