That other elusive photograph

I remember the day, a bit over 10 years ago. There was to be an eclipse of the sun, a TOTAL one within driving range.

We went (driving through the night) and standing on a rocky hillock along with many others, waited and watched.

The moment of total greyness, looking through various protective type devices, we could see that amazing thin circle of light that proves the moon can’t completely hide the sun if you are standing on earth (you need a spaceship for that). Unlike all I had read, we were not silent and contemplative, we were excited, joyous that we were seeing it. We were a VERY NOISY bunch, despite being mostly total strangers to each other when we arrived.

Afterwards I realised you are in no fit state emotionally to photograph your first total eclipse, oiu need some experience to overcome the emotion, or a great automatic camera.


6 thoughts on “That other elusive photograph

  1. We had a total Solar Eclipse in 1999, Sideview. I was in Birmingham at the time, and watched it through a bus stop shelter of all things. It never dawned on me to take a photograph, I was quite excited to see it. Others walked on by as though they see that kind of thing everyday!

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