Pinky’s Quiz

My Friend Pink Polka Dot, has this food quiz. I always answer 100%.

HEre is this week’s one

1. What is palmiers also known as? I have seen them called pigs ears because of the shape.

2. Where will you most traditionally be served “Soji”? At a Soji Bar?

3. What is a ragout? According to Mr Miaki, it is part of polish on polish on – polish off, but personally I think it’s stew

4. What is a Monte Bianco? A white Toblerone?

5. What is orzata? Female Ouzo?

6. What are the main ingredients of a meuniére sauce? It’s a white sauce usually served with fish. I have never made it so I can’t tell.

7. What is an Heirloom seed? The most important asset in the plant world. As more and more GM foods are not reproducible by the farmer, and we become dependent on a few big corporations who control seeds, there is a movement worldwide to preserve the local varieties of various crops. These are called heirloom seeds, the seeds for the original local varieties of plants.

8. What is the main ingredient of beignets de banane? Banana – beige bananas?

9. What is the main ingredient of falafels?  Chickpeas, I hate the texture

10. What does “pickling” means in culinary terms? Getting drunk, then sticking stuff in vinegar so that it is sorry you got drunk.

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