Weekend Theme

One of the advantages of waking a while before the radio-alarm goes off, is that I get a chance to think, just let the mind wander over whatever comes up. I suspect this is where some of my wierdest ideas originate, but then they are mine and I should take care of them.

This morning, somewhere between wondering about why some people are so very easy to work with, and others so much more difficult, I remembered it is Friday and time for the weekend theme. Actually I was feeling a little sad that the section of the project dealing with the geekiest of the service owners is almost over, and my happy chats with them will now be limited to occasional chance encounters. (Being a closet geek can be hard.)

I have finally been back to the doctor over feeling generally awful, and am starting on getting help with the results of the tests. ย I have been pretending that I am fine, while becoming more and more tired and sick. When I had to leave yesterday to go off to the doc, someone asked in surprise why. Then I realised I have been hiding this and pretending to all that I am ok. I wonder how many are doing similar, all the time.

That was when I realised all of this was leading up to a theme

Hiding Something

is the theme for the weekend.

As usual, create your post, using the theme. Come back here and leave a message with a link, go follow the other links and see just how many ways there are for people to express themselves around the same theme.


51 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

  1. …I know the feeling, I am also not feeling well at all, but nobody just knows how awful I am feeling from time to time! I hope the docs will be able to get to the bottom of this, Sidey! Hugs!

    1. A most intriguing subject, thank you. It needs more discussion, and remembering.

      The guide can be one who has done it before, not necessarily the same person every time

    1. Thank you for playing along and making the wonderful so-different contributions from each blogger.

      I love the way they are all always different

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