The evil plot

Jimmy sighed. His sister really was SO STUPID! How could she fall for that dreadful man, Frederico? From watching his father and elder brother he was very sure how a man should treat a woman. As someone who deserved all of his attention and love. Frederico seemed to be the exact opposite of these men […]


Weekend Theme

Thursday was a day of happy tiredness. I’d spent Wednesday evening at a birthday party. A 120th in fact for two friends. He turned 60 recently and it was her 60th. Such a pleasant evening. a really good buffet supper, wine good enough to make me wish I was not quite as careful as I […]

Naming rooms and the consequences thereof

South African corporations name rooms, especially meeting rooms. Some are very boring, named after people one has never heard of, usually someone in their corporate history.  Others are pretty predictable, plants names, place names. Some are quite quirky. A financial organisation has the meeting rooms in one building names so that when you say “I’m […]

Family heirlooms

As so often happens, once I have proposed a weekend theme, my ability to put the simplest post together for it flees to Outer Mongolia, or maybe to the Arctic Circle. However I had time, while shopping for numerous birthday presents and one wedding present, to think about the things handed down in our family. […]