Wondering on a Wednesday

I have been doing some reading in odd places this week.

One piece that caught my eye was about children with assessed IQ (in childhood) and reviewing their ideas and attitudes in later years.

A statement that seemed to me to make sense was that the lower IQ types in general went for a more structured and controlled belief, political and occupational structure, while those with higher IQ seemed more drawn to less structure, more room to make own decisions, greater tolerance for diversity.

I am sure some personality traits will make some depart from that, but thinking of people I know, the brightest take on and evaluate new situations and ideas faster. The ones who cling to ‘known ideas’ or ‘what society wants’ usually imposing their beliefs as though they are everyone’s do seem somewhat less willing to evaluate what is new or unexpected.

Surely the desire and ability to think in new ways for new situations or facts shows greater intelligence.


24 thoughts on “Wondering on a Wednesday

  1. And then there are those less intelligent people who are so easily led or influenced that they will follow any new idea that comes along without any critical thought at all.

  2. In fact, the opposite of evolution? De-volution? Well, we’ve been destroying everything we touch, we certainly couldn’t do as much harm. In fact, perhaps we could, using what little judgement we have, turn the clock back over time.

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