Wednesday musings

We in South Africa are currently going through so many cases of violence, rape and death. Some days we seem to be almost immune to how dreadful our society can be. We are listed as one of the most violent societies in the world.

After the recent arrest of a sportsman for the murder of his girlfriend, one of the commentaries from a man in a high position stated that she must have “deserved it” for annoying him.

I know we are not the only society that holds humans and their lives so cheaply (especially women’s and children’s lives) but that does not make it ok.

There is a picture circulating on Facebook and in online newspapers; taken through a rifle sight. Of a young boy’s head in the cross hairs. There is argument over who took it, but it is chilling enough, when posted online from someone in a military snipers unit.


When I read of atrocities committed I always wonder how these people could have done these acts, what can make a human feel they can hurt, degrade, kill another living being. Yet I know I could probably kill to protect those I love if they were attacked. I am not sure I could kill to protect myself.

When someone uses the insanity plea when caught, I know they are talking the truth, you have to be insane to do those things.

But how does a nice caring and loving man become the killer in a military force? What on earth happens?

I know my father would seldom talk of his experiences during WW II. The occasional funny story of someone on a messenger motorcycle doing something silly. But generally a changing of the subject if any questions came up. He was essentially a kind and gentle man, with everyone.

Maybe I am just an old flower child, wishing the world would run on peace and love?


20 thoughts on “Wednesday musings

    1. At present it is early days in the trial. The information versus the runours have yet to be sifted out.

      The cops have found needles and steroids, and apparently illegal ammunition. It all is dreadful. My sympathy is with the dead girl and her family at present. I’m not too sure about him, the stories don’t seem to match up.

  1. Some of the reactions are indeed as tragic as the event itself. The biased, the misguided, the stupid, and the just-plain-evil brought out of the woodwork by it do make one very depressed.

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