The evil plot

Jimmy sighed. His sister really was SO STUPID! How could she fall for that dreadful man, Frederico?

From watching his father and elder brother he was very sure how a man should treat a woman. As someone who deserved all of his attention and love. Frederico seemed to be the exact opposite of these men he admired yet his sister seemed charmed by him and was talking of going to a party with him this next weekend.

He had been hiding in the toilet in the men’s change room when he heard Frederico and his friend laughing about the girl they had ‘had’ after giving her a drink at a club a few weeks previously. How they had laughed roughly saying it was a cheap date. Jimmy worried that they would do the same to his sister.

Now it was his turn. He knew his sister was in the woman’s dressing room, as was the girl they had been laughing about. He had hatched his plot to reveal the man for what he was before he could hurt his sister.

He ran over and removed the WO from the door, then watched as Frederico walked towards the door, pushed it open and strode in. He could just imagine the scene, The girls all somewhat frightened or annoyed. Frederico would be preening, showing off his physique and eyeing out the girls.

evil plot

After Frederico went in, he quickly ran over and put back the WO.

Then came the scream, long, piercing. He heard Frederico’s loud jeering voice, but couldn’t quite make out the words. Then a thud, and silence.

One girl came running out, her towel clutched around her. Off to the office. A few minutes later the  manager appeared, carrying some rope.

A while later, police. Straight into the WOMEN door. Then they came out, leading Frederico who looked rather groggy.

Jimmy smiled. Now hopefully his sister wouldn’t go to the party, but take him to see the new Superman movie instead.

17 thoughts on “The evil plot

  1. Evil plot with the best intention, well almost, but were all selfserving regardless of age to some degree. Almost an angle he was.

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