Weekend Theme

Thursday was a day of happy tiredness. I’d spent Wednesday evening at a birthday party. A 120th in fact for two friends. He turned 60 recently and it was her 60th. Such a pleasant evening. a really good buffet supper, wine good enough to make me wish I was not quite as careful as I am. Bubbly that slid down – each sip a treat.

And the people! Wonderful people, some I have known for about 40 years, others a bit less, some new to me. Eachone happy to be there, happy to talk and share good memories, new stories and laugh together.

I went home on a high. BUT as I had somehow let vigilance slip I had drunk a cup of very good coffee after 11 pm. NOT a good idea any more. Sleep was noticeable by its absence.

So this morning I am relieved to feel somewhat more alert. Ready to post a weekend theme. But what theme? That is the question.

I have realised I should plan the theme (and my post) somewhere around mid week. But then I wouldn’ havethe same stress as everyone else. PRODUCE NOW!!!!!!!!!

So, as always, the decision is as I write the post.

This weekend the theme is

The evil plot.

As always, to play along, create your post – anything that you like. Come back here and leave a link so that everyone else can follow the links and read the posts, revelling (I assume) as I do in the amazing variety of human thought and creativity.


37 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

      1. I wanted to say thank you for being cordial an inviting, since I basically threw myself into the mix on theme weekends -yours being my first attempt and only one since. Your comments an opinions on my shtufffs was, is, highly regarded,

        I will be stepping back for a while, Need to focus on other things being neglected. So if you don’t see me around , I will still read here and what others do when the call goes out with your themes, just not commenting often. It is a good place, with an eclectic varied bunch contributing. Truly good shtufffs begin here.

          1. Thank you. Lacking energy? Tons of energy, short on time. Re-adopting simplicity -KISS….keep it simple stupid, now it is back to the original meandering path.

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