Naming rooms and the consequences thereof

South African corporations name rooms, especially meeting rooms.

Some are very boring, named after people one has never heard of, usually someone in their corporate history.  Others are pretty predictable, plants names, place names. Some are quite quirky. A financial organisation has the meeting rooms in one building names so that when you say “I’m in xxx” the resulting statement is amusing. One of those rooms is Cognito. So you may say “I’m in cognito”. And so on.

The organisation where I am mostly working names rooms only after dead people. Each section has names from the relevant industry or scientists who have contributed in some way. Today we were working in Erwin Schrödinger.  There were several boxes in the corner. I kept wondering if I opened one would I find his theoretical cat, and would it be alive or dead. Eventually I left at the end of the day without investigating. I felt it may be tempting fate to do so.

20 thoughts on “Naming rooms and the consequences thereof

  1. When it comes to such names, be it for rooms or streets or buildings, why do they have to stick all the names in in SA these days? In the good old days it didn’t matter how common a name one had, if you were worthy of having something like that named after you everyone know ‘which one’ was involved.

    1. I love the two buildings I visit mostoften, the one has scientists and the other IT figures (only the dead ones).

      That still leads to the rather macabre “I’m in Grace Hopper” and looking forward to being in Steve Jobs. Makes one sound a little like a cemetry worm.

  2. Hmm, I wonder if I would have succumbed to the temptation (re Erwin Schrödinger room) – I know I would have felt strongly tempted. 😉

    1. I was hoping for 5 minutes alone. No one else there would have understood the joke. In fact there are only 2 on the project who read widely enough to know what the joke would have been.

  3. No question, curiosity would killed this Cat. Glasses and a bow tie? Fate and free will would not hang out in tidy boxes? Either way, more to this than naming of a room. As long as the rooms we inhabit have a way out for us at the end of day, we’ll be fine. Won’t we?

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