Weekend Theme

Now I’m back it may be a good time to re-start the weekend theme.

For those who don’t know, it all started for me many years ago when I blogged at the Media24 blogs.I was interested in how many different people tgherewere, all expressing themselves in so many ways. But I wondered how interesting it would be if I gave them all something in common to write, draw or whatever for a blog post. So I started the then weekend challenge. It was fun, seeing just how differently people looked at the same word/few words.

That ran for quite a while, but when eventually people wanted to see “who did the best” and made it competitive,  Some time later I became bored with the idea of people competing, that wasn’t what I’d hoped for. I stopped, and then several asked for it back. So I renamed it the weekend theme, trying to eliminate the competitive part and hopefully bring back the sharing of ideas and ways of expression.

How one joins in? – easy! Read the theme, create a blog post, in any way that appeals to you, using the theme. Then come back here and leave a message so that others can follow all the links to the varfious contributions, and use the klinks to go and read the others.

This weekend the theme is

Family Heirlooms

As usual the only rule is – have fun with it!

52 thoughts on “Weekend Theme

      1. Me I’d be boot’n the iphone, did I say that out loud.

        Sorry, the J-query iframe that installs the audio player at the bottom is probably the problem.

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