Awareness of mortality

For quite a while I seem to have had an excessive awareness of the fragility of life, of mortality creeping into everything. Eventually it stopped me from blogging. I prefer to focus more on the livelier, happier aspects of life, and this pattern of thought, awareness, consciousness – call it what you will, has seeped in, leaving an apparently permanent melancholy. That in turn eats away at normal thoughts and attitude.

All very depressing.

However, somehow tonight it has lifted. Maybe that is because over the weekend I spent some time just wondering where the delight in life seems to have gone. The only conclusion I could reach was that it just takes an effort to undo the melancholic overtone to everything, and to start living again.

So that is what I am doing.

My working life has become rather hectic, so I am sure I won’t be posting here daily, as was my wont.

That decision removed the pressure I was feeling over blogging, and suddenly it is easy to come back.

Funny how the biggest obstacles to most things live inside our minds and not outside of us.

28 thoughts on “Awareness of mortality

  1. It’s really great to see you here again, sidey. I have very happy memories of your wonderful stories that used to keep me waiting on tenterhooks for the next episode. Welcome back, and no pressure at all. πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome back! I was away for most of 2012’s latter half myself – thought I might never blog again… Is there something in the air?

    P.S. Don’t visit my blog right now – the current post is a bit of a downer…

    I look forward to reading you again.

  3. I had wondered. Glad you’re back. Funny, it seems that what you’ve written about has struck a great many of us this past year or so. Wishing you easy writing.

  4. Welcome back – to whatever extent you choose to make of it!
    Hopefully you have missed your numerous good friends here, and will again find time to divert and be diverted by them.

  5. It’s so lovely to have you back, Sidey.

    I know what you mean about blogging being an added pressure, I’ve often felt like that myself. So just do it when you want to, your blog is for you and no-one else, and if we all happen to enjoy it, well, that’s just a bonus.

    Take care, Tin

    1. Thanks Tinman, it feel good to be back. I had convinv=ced myself I should be posting dialy. I do create problems in my own head, where the problems are not real at all.

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